Our Services

Web Application Development

Need a special website? Something with a Spark? Our website development team at https://quickspace.co.za/ has a solution for you. From custom development to full hosting plans. They will cover all your website needs.

Nodejs development

How about a Web socket or a API or maybe a DAPP? What about a Nodejs app that runs as a Windows Service that executes powershell scripts? Our creativity never stops when it comes to Nodejs full blown systems dev. Nodejs is one of our favorites.

DAPP Development

DAPP is the new kid on the block and taming adolescents is a challenge. We have designed everything from exchanges that run the most popular Cryptocurrency blockchains to payment cryto gateways. It's not easy but that's exactly why we do it.

Android Development

Hybrid or Native will be our first question to you when it comes to Android applications. We know where to start and what questions to ask to make our Android development as smooth as possible for your future application.

Powershell Scripting

Managing windows can be difficult especially if you have to do it remotely. Powershell will solve most of your problems from maintenance to inventory reporting. It can put the Power of windows management in the palm of your hand.


All the things HTML is falling short on that is where Javascript steps in to provide the solution you need. Javascripting has come a very long way from basic form validation and provides a powerful tool not only for web applications.

Websites & Email

Domain Registrations

Domain names can be confusing and picking the right one can be a challenge. Talk to our hosting experts at https://quickspace.co.za. We always recommend them because they know support.

Email & Website Hosting

Supplying Office 365 solutions to Enterprise environments or individual and small to medium businesses. We offer a wide spectrum of Website and Email products to
fit your budget.

Website Design

Websites need far more attention that clicking and dragging images using a website builder like Wix. A professional designer has an eye that can help build that website to a international standard.

Home Automation

Home automation

Home automation is not clapping your hands to turn off the lights. It's about opening your garage door when you arrive or locking all doors and turning on the alarm when you close your bedroom door at night. Its is at the point for being renamed to Business automations as IOT starts moving into the office environment.

Home security

If your current security system does not allow you to open your gate from work when the garden service arrives then it's time to upgrade. You don't need a key to open your front door if your cell phone can do the same. Give us a call we can help you elevate your home security to the next level.


Network infrastructure

Networks have moved into the global space with always online services providing close to realtime speeds. Your network has moved way beyond just your office and placing the right equipment down to help you control and mediate your global network is where we step in.

Enterprise network security

Securing your network and you employees can be a real challenge and finding a cost effective solution for your company is something we can and have provided to over 400 sites from simple content blocking to enterprise security standards to fit your security you require.

Enterprise VPN

Our clients often ask how we can provide enterprise VPN solutions to retail customers at such competitive pricing. The answer lies in putting down the correct infrastructure and adapting that infrastructure as the conditions of your network changes.

and More

Computer Hardware

Yes we do all we can and hardware support comes with those essential services that we supply to our clients, but not just as another service but as a value-added service to improve our customer experience.

Remote/Telephone Support

Supporting your customers is essential together with speed and efficiency. We understand that the combination of telephonic and remote support is a must in today's support environment.

POS installation

Point of sales have moved into the online space. You don't need till anymore to do sales when a tablet can do the same job. We can supply full windows server based POS systems or full online roadside payment options and in store ecommerce.


Closed circuit might have stuck as a indistory name when considering security cameras but it has advanced way beyond the point of simple copper analog wiring, We might not offer copper wiring in our products be they will blow your mind.

Business Retail Music systems

BMS have always been haunted by copy right laws and the ability to control what type of music is played in what region. Aligning your retail space with the correct cost effective partner can be a challenged. Give us a call you might be surprised at the solutions we can provide.